Commission Status


General commissions unlimited slots || Special commissions through openings only || inquire about customs

Howdy! I'm Kenny, a freelance artist based in South East Asia! I do illustrative work as well as character design!


Prices updated as of 05/10/2021

Additional characters are +100% of base price!

Simple scenes are +50% of base price
i.e.: skies and beaches, endless fields, etc.

More complex scenes are +80% of base price
i.e.: backgrounds with more items and/or dynamic perspectives


Icon examples

˗ˏˋ Icons ˊˎ˗

Flats/Lineless ...... $20

Matching/connecting icons possible! Simple background request possible.

Chibi examples

˗ˏˋ Chibis ˊˎ˗

Flats .......... $20
Lineless .....$35

Up to 4 characters interacting possible! Simple props are free, weapons cost extra depending on complexity.

Chibi examples

˗ˏˋ Fullbody ˊˎ˗

Flats .......... $45
Lineless .....$65

Up to 3 characters interacting possible! Scenic pieces are based on quotes but general prices follow fullbody range.


˗ˏˋ Fashion Set ˊˎ˗

$65 a set, includes 3 fully customisable outfits

Intricate patterns and heavy armour +$5-15 depending on complexity

˗ˏˋ Trading Cards ˊˎ˗

$70 per card/character

Choices of 3 card styles:
Sleek, Fancy, Idol

Comes with a simple/patterened background

˗ˏˋ Pixels ˊˎ˗

Pixels are experimental, but will come in one of these two styles below

Single Pixel - $25
Couple Pixel - $50
Bounce Animation - +$5

Size range from 100x100 to 250x250. Intricate armours and mechs are not available for this commission type.


Ref Sheet & Custom Designs

Prices below are for reference sheets of existing character.

For custom designs, there'll be an additional fee of +$30 added on top of the base price.

Simple Ref Sheet ... $70
Includes 2 fullbody (either nude/clothed or front/back) and palette

Deluxe Ref Sheet ..... $110
Includes 2 fullbodies (either nude/clothed or front/back), headshot, 2 mini outfits, close ups and palette

BYO Ref Sheet
Fullbody - $35Bust- $10Close Ups - $7Mini outfits/Chibis - $18Small Items - $7-$15Weapons - $15-$25

Reference Sheet Gallery

Design Examples
More examples here !


If interested in a commission, feel free to contact me through any of the site below or through mail!

[email protected]

General Commission Form

  • Username:

  • Commission Type:

  • Character(s) Ref:

  • Notes: poses, background, details that gets overlooked, etc.

  • Paypal Email:

Custom Design Form

  • Username:

  • Moodboard: Pinterest board or couple of reference images

  • Personality: Keep it brief

  • Traits: what you'd like specifically for the design (i.e: skin colour, eyes, hair type, body type)

  • Paypal Email: